Sore Throat or Tonsilitis?
Pain and inflammation banished
with natural remedies

Got a sore throat? Or Tonsilitis? You don't need to take medications for most minor inflammations, even the over the counter medicines may have an effect on your long term ability to fight off infection, so for minor things - use natural remedies whenever you can.

If you feel really bad and know that you must go to the physician, by all means get those anti-biotics but take your natural remedies as an 'AND ALSO' approach.

I have some quick and effective remedies for you and many will be in your natural remedy first aid kit already!

Now, if you or your child has a sore throat or tonsilitis, the first thing to do is have a look at it.

Get a little torch, the type they use on CSI is perfect and look down the throat, making a few notes if you can.


Where does it feel sore? One side or the other. Swallow a couple of times to locate the exact spot where the pain is strongest. Write it down.


You are looking at the color of the throat.. what kind of RED is it.. pale red, dark red, purplish red, post box red? Make a note.


Now look at the tonsils.. are they enlarged, do they have bumps on.. which one is bigger that the other? Sometimes tonsils look like golf balls, with the little indentations. Sometimes you can see white marks, little slits in the tissue or pussy blobs on the tonsil. Make a note.


Now try eating and drinking.. a warm drink, an ice cold drink, a piece of food.. what we are looking for is HOW IT FEELS when you swallow the food or drink? make a note.


If you just have a sore throat and swollen tonsils, don't feel very ill and could carry on with work or other activities, then use the Aconite, Ferr Phos or Hepar Sulph.

But if you feel really unwell, fever, chills, need to stay at home and in bed.. then its likely that one of the other remedies will be more indicated.


You must eat meals at regular times, even though it may hurt. Chicken soup really does help as it contains all kinds of anti-inflammtory chemicals. Strength building drinks like Sustain or Sustagen every half an hour should be the very least you are having.

OK, now you can start to sooth it! I have found that Glycerine, Honey and Lemon Juice mixed together are as good as any sore throat medication. Put a little more of the glycerine in if your throat feels very scratchy. Honey is a wonderful anti-inflammatory as well.

Here are the key remedies, and actually they are all extremely reliable!


If you can catch this symptom at the very start, within a couple of hours of the onset - then its very likely that Aconite will solve the problem. If its evening, take the Aconite several times before going to bed, make sure you are warmly wrapped up, maybe put bedsocks on, a hot drink before sleep and a good night's sleep will often 'see off' any inflammations if you catch them before they really get set in.

Ferr. Phos

Was it too late to catch it with Aconite but the sore throat is still a general feeling of soreness on swallowing or drinking and eating. Tonsils just look red and a little shiny. Maybe you have red cheeks now? take the Ferr Phos for a few hours and rest. The symptoms should resolve.


When we need Belladonna, usually the sore throat is a flare-up of a more chronic condition. Do you have regular sore throats, or at certain times of the year? The RIGHT side is most affected, the neck feels a bit stiff and the glands are swollen. The inflammation looks bright red and angry looking. Do you have a headache as well? Its hard to swallow liquids, even in sips? Take the Belladonna frequently and rest.

Hepar Sulph

This amazing remedy is utterly reliable, when your symptoms are sharp. The pains are like splinters when you swallow. The whole area of your neck is sensitive to touch, you feel worse from getting cold or being in a draft, want to be left alone and feel generally a bit irritable.


If the sore throat is on the LEFT side or has moved from LEFT TO RIGHT? Are the tonsils a more purplish red? Then Lachesis will quickly resolve it. Your neck will be feeling sensitive on the outside and dry inside. Its hard to swallow and pain shoots into the ear area when you do. Now, even though its hard to swallow drinks.. you find that when you EAT, its not so bad! And you definitely feel worse when you wake up from having a sleep.


If the pain is throbbing and there are little white or yellow blobs of puss on the tonsil, then Silica is the right remedy. Its a slower acting one though, so keep on with it before thinking its not going to work. It will! You have a bitter taste in your mouth and throat, with sharp pains extending in to the ear when you swallow. Feel cold and weak and miserable.


1. Mercurius Sol

Look at your tongue. Is it wet and flabby ? Are there teeth imprints down the side of the tongue? This is an indication for Mercury. You feel thirsty. Your tonsils are definitely swollen, darker red, and there may be some puss visible. Glands are swollen and the breath smells bad. Take mercury for two to three days.

2. Merc Corr

If the pain is more localized in the tonsils, with the same wet mouth, then Merc Cor acts faster and deeper than Sol. There is ulceration and burning pains, the throat feels constricted when you try to swallow.

3. Merc Cyan

For even more septic sore throats. I imagine you will have got some antibioticcs for this kind of infection, but its still worth using the natural remedies as an 'AND ALSO' approach. You have foul breath, spots of pus on the tonsils, feel really quite ill with chills and shivering. Oh dear! Call me!

4. Merc Iod rub

A good general Mercury remedy when the most affected side is the LEFT. Your neck glands are swollen and hard with all of the usual mouth symptoms.

5. Merc. Iod Flav

A good general mercury remedy when the most affected side is the RIGHT. The tonsils and glands are greatly swollen with all the usual mouth symptoms.


Dark red or Bluish Red color on the inflamed area. Tonsils are swollen, especially the right side, there are shooting pains going into the ear when you swallow, and a lot of the pain is felt at the root of the tongue.

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