Natural Remedies - Your Basic Tool Kit
A little something for whatever ails you!

OK - let's start with the absolute basics for your natural remedies first aid kit. Most can be obtained easily from any good health food shop or alternative pharmacy. Failing that, check out the suppliers link.

On this page you will find a short list of Homeopathic Remedies, Tissue Salts, Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essences and some essential complements. I have used these remedies over and over, successfully.. they are reliable, taste good and don't have side effects. What more could you ask!

Homeopathic Remedies

ACONITE 6c or 30c

ARNICA 6c or 30c

BELLADONNA 6c or 30c



FERRUM PHOS 6c or 30c

GELSEMIUM 6c or 30c



If you want to know more about each of these natural remedies click on the glossary link where I have included a full description of each medicine and its indications.

ALSO - in each of the gender and age buttons eg. men, women, seniors, children, babies etc you will find another list of specific remedies for each of those categories.


Fresh ginger, Vitamin C, Echinatia, honey, spirulina, Double X organic vitamins and minerals from Nutriway or something similar, Vitamin D, Honey and Glycerine cough syrup.

Some Suppliers:

You can always google 'homeopathic pharmacy' for your nearest supplier.

Jude Cresswell


You can purchase these wonderful natural remedies in many health food shops or see the list of suppliers. This is one of my lists of 'Jude's reliables', used by many clients to great effect and benefit. Don't be afraid to use them.. you need to have a few drops under the tongue several times a day, for a couple of days. My Monday morning dose of Hornbeam was essential.. and Olive helped me cope with the stresses and strains of a very busy responsible job.

Try out this little kit to start with.

RESCUE REMEDY.. how do we manage without it! For those stressful events in life

HORNBEAM - that Monday morning feeling. Motivate yourself and stay on focus

OLIVE - Just feel emotionally tired from too much stress and contact with others

WHITE CHESTNUT - helps to calm that those inner mental conversations

HOLLY - for when you feel prickly and critical

ELM - feel like everything is all too too much and nothing's going right

For suppliers - google 'bach flower remedy suppliers' to find your nearest.


BLACKBERRY is a great 'actualizer'.. helps to overcome inertia and move forward with putting ideas into action.. Or just get on with those irritating jobs like paying the bills!

MADIA also helps a lot with mental focus, concentration and attention to detail; the ability to follow through with a project, for studying.

TISSUE SALTS (Schuessler) These are all in 6x or d.





That's enough for your natural remedies kit to get you started. If you are an 'old hand', very likely you have most of these remedies.

STORAGE Make sure they are stored in a cool (not cold) dark place, away from strong smells and with the lids firmly on. Always SHAKE THE BOTTLE vigorously for a full minute before taking a dose.

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