Heartburn in Pregnancy can be a Pain!
Sooth those fires the Natural Way.

On this page I want to discuss heartburn in pregnancy - BUT if you need help with heartburn and are NOT pregnant - do still read through the homeopathic suggestions on this page. The remedies here are mostly the same as the ones on the general indigestion page.

Many women experience heartburn for the first time during pregnancy. It is an uncomfortable burning sensation down the throat and in the top of the stomach. There are burning acidic burps that can come right up into the mouth and can make you gag or feel sick. Heartburn is usually most common in the last 3-4 months of pregnancy, as the womb fills up with the growing baby and hormones soften the sphyncter muscles which usually keep stomach fluids from entering the oesophagus.

Practice bending using your knees, support yourself when stooping or get used to kneeling down more for tasks that you previously would have just bent over for.


Carbonated ginger beer can sooth the queasy stomach. Drink some standing up and allow the gas up before you sit down.

Slippery elm - if your digestion feels firey and sore - try this wonderful digestive tract soother. You can find it in most good health food shops. Its an unusual taste, but worth persevering if you want to avoid taking over the counter antacids.

Marshmallow tea - a lovely herbal approach to calming stomach fires.

Here's an old old recipe - juice a raw potato with the peel, added to an equal amount of water and sip. Not sure how good it will taste though.

Sipping apple cider vinegar ( 1 tablespoon in a glass of water ) while eating a meal. BUT don't drink anything else !

Try keeping carbs and proteins separate.. this is a popular approach to eating which claims to reduce heartburn.

Chew food more slowly and thoroughly than you usually do... this always helps.

Try to remain upright and active after a meal so that the food has time to get through into the small intestine.

Resting and sleeping on your left side, propped by pillows often is found to be the most comfy position as it puts the oespohagus above the stomach, minimising acid reflux.


Bryonia Indigestion that is burning and dry. You feel really thirsty and want to drink large amounts. When you have the indigestion, every little movement makes it feel worse so you want to keep really still and hold your stomach firmly. Avoid beans and farty foods as they make things worse.

Calc Carb You feel bloated and puffy, have sour burps and wind. Seem to be feeling chilly a lot of the time. Sweaty and overwhelmed by the whole business.

Merc Sol Symptoms are worse at night, your stomach feels empty and odd; lots of hiccups and burping with a strong smell and leaving a bitter taste in the mouth. You mouth gets full of saliva but you are still thirsty! Your tongue is flabby and wet, coated and marked.

Natrum Mur Your mouth tastes bitter and salty. Violent hiccups which are quite uncomfortable. Starchy foods like potatoes make your heartburn worse. And - if you are feeling emotionally upset.. then your heartburn will be much worse.

Nux Vom Your tummy feels empty or bloated, with painful cramping feelings. You have sour burps and it all feels better after a hot drink or laying down in a warm bed. Heartburn comes on after eating rich foods or over eating. The food lies like a knot for a few hours in the stomach.

Zinc You have a metallic taste in the mouth, but your burps are sickly sweet. Tummy feels empty around 11am.You may be feeling a bit twitchy,with restless legs which are worse in the evening and feeling worn out, moody and irritable.


This is a great combo put out by the Dr Schuessler company. Its specifically for acidity and heartburn, but I do recommend that if you see one of the remedies above which fits your main symptoms - you should take both. The Tissue salts are in an X or D scale and potency and my remedy suggestions will be in a C scale. For more info on this click on the dosage link page.

Remember you can always contact me for more individualised discussion of your symptoms.

JUDES RELIABLES: The tissue salt is a great combo.. always have some in the house, handy for everyone.

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