Alternative Health Options Using Natural Remedies

Feel unwell and need some help? Alternative health therapies such as homeopathy and herbalism have been around for hundreds of years and may be able to offer some solutions for you.

Of course - you should see your physician when you are ill.

But - you can also take a few minutes to research alternative and complimentary remedies for your specific complaint. Unless it's life threatening - there are always a few minutes, hours or days when you could start helping your body to fix itself! You may have to wait for a consultant's appointment, or even sitting in the busy emergency department waiting to be seen.. there ARE non invasive but tremendously powerful 'alternative' remedies, such as Arnica, that you can take to help your body cope.

And I will help you, step by step!

Walk into any 'natural health food shop' or 'alternative health practice' and find shelves filled with an array of "herbal mixtures" "vitamins and minerals", "skin creams and lotions", "liver cleansers", "homeopathics".. BUT what should you choose?

Well, you already have a NORMAL first aid kit, pain killers, plasters, anti-biotic creams etc. Its just a matter of adding a few more items and your visits to the doctor will noticeably diminish.

So - what are the nuts and bolts - the essentials for your tool kit of treatment options?


I list these suggestions first in the 'section' and then 'symptom' buttons, usually these are taken for one to three days. They are FAST RELIABLE medicines that work by stimulating your body's own defence mechanism to be more effective.

Now go to the section related to your symptom to find those remedies.

It doesnt matter a jot that modern scientists can't yet work out how homoeopathic remedies work. They will some day. The remedies are diluted incredibly - so that no trace of the original substance is left.. and yet somehow the imprint is still there, energetically - and it is that which connects with your body to effect changes.

Homoeopathic Remedy NUMBER 1.  ARNICA MONTANA

Every house on the planet should have a little bottle of "Arnica".. and that's a fact!!

A list of all the other remedies I suggest for your first aid kit can be found in the tab on the left.

TISSUE SALTS: A longer term back-up for your symptom picture and should be used for longer, up to a month is normal. They work on the principle of stimulating and supporting the biochemicals and minerals needed for optimum cell health and a full range can be found easily in any good health food I take the combination for joints, rheumatism and arthritis.

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES: Reliable, quick, they change mood and mental states in the short term. They can be used regularly, over a period of time - such as weeks - until the recurrent mental or emotional state has been resolved or changed beyond that remedy's capabilities.

FLOWER ESSENCES: Change mood and emotional states .. quite a lot of choice here as more and more are researched for their healing properties. Usually available from practitioners or look for the info site on Google. They tend to be more long term.

VITAMINS AND MINERALS: The very best quality, organic.. make a HUGE difference. But if you can't get these easily you do need them every day, so take whatever you can. See the section on antioxidants and cell wellness.

HERBS AND HERBAL TEAS: We choose these depending on the particular organ that is out of kilter. Usually work more long term.. to support and nourish, rather than a quick cure.

PULSE POINTS: My tried and tested places where you can press and hold, to give relief and stimulation.


I do tend to bang on about these and have written a whole page dedicated to them. Please go there for a read.. invaluable reminders.

These are the basic nuts and bolts we use for your alternative health treatment options. For more information you can go to specific topics or onto building blocks of health, more essential tips.

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