Homeopathic Consultations With Me Now Available Online

Do you need a homoeopathic Consultation quickly? An Acute symptom that could benefit from a homeopathic remedy or a homeopathic consultation to review your whole health picture? 

Both are now available to you as I am offering 30 minute acute sessions and a full 90 minute consultation on Skype. I will 'take your case' and ask you questions about your symptoms. Then I will suggest two or three homeopathic remedies which could be very helpful to you in supporting your body's response to the symptoms you have. 

Call me on SKYPE at jude.cress or send me an email to helpmenaturalhealth@gmail.com.

Jude Cresswell

General Health Building Blocks
General health gems.Taking care of the fundamentals of life pays dividends. Free and Easy 2 minute exercises. Tips for a healthier you in a day!
Healthy Cells make Healthy Humans
Healthy Cells are our internal mini-factories. If these mini-engines are weak and struggling, so will you be.
Minerals, Cell Tissue Salts for Optimum Health
Minerals and Tissue Salts boost your cell wellness
Natural Remedies Tool Kit
Here's Jude's list of absolutely reliable natural remedies for your basic health care tool kit
Alternative Remedy Treatment
alternative and complimentary remedies on offer for common ailments can be overwhelming.
homeopathic remedies for everyday first aid
Homeopathic Remedies for Everyday First Aid Situations
Homeopathy 2
Homeopathy - History and Philosophy
homeopathy for indigestion
homeopathic remedies work well for indigestion, stomach upsets and travel sickness.
Heartburn in Pregnancy Soothed with Natural remedies
Heartburn in Pregnancy? Calm those fires the natural way.
Homeopathy For Insomnia
Using homeopathy for Insomnia can be extremely effective, especially when combined with new tips and strategies for reprogramming sleep patterns.
Homeopathy For The Common Cold
Homeopathic remedies are very effective in the response and treatment of common cold symptoms, such as sore throats, runny nose, coughing and sneezing.
Sore Throat or Tonsilitis banished with natural remedies
Sore Throat or Tonsilitis. Pain and inflammation banished with natural remedies.
Natural and Old Fashioned Remedies for Coughs in Children
Homeopathy For Congestive Catarrh
Homeopathy is a good choice for the long term handling of congestive catarrh. It can diminish the consistency of the gummy fluid and the freqency of attacks, either of post nasal drips or full blown respiratory symptoms
Homeopathy For Haemmorhoids
Homeopathy can be so helpful in diminishing piles and varicose veins. Keep your vascular system in tip top condition with these simple homeopathic remedies.
Temperament and Winter Ailments
temperament and winter ailments
Memory Problems? Stimulate those little grey cells with natural remedies.
Memory problems? Difficulty concentrating?Natural remedies and practical suggestions.
fear and PTSD remedies and strategies. Happiness reinstated with natural remedies
Homeopathy For Children
Using Homeopathy for managing and strengthening childrens health is well known around the world .
Colic in Babies and Essential Breatsfeeding Diet Information
Eliminiate Colic in Babies Quickly with Natural Remedies and Easy Diet changes
Fever, The Basics and Natural Remedy Suggestions
Fever ? Stay Calm and Use Natural Remedies.
Womens health natural medicine
"Womens Health Problems?" Not any More! Effective alternative medicines, easy to find, easy to use.
homeopathy for anaemia
homeopathic remedies for improving symptoms of anaemia and associated fatigue.
The Burning Curse of Cystitis and UTI's
Cystitis and UTI treatment with Natural Remedies
menstrual cramps relieved naturally
Pain menstrual cramps Pain Go Away! Decramp those Cramps the natural way
Pregnancy , Optimize your Health with Natural Remedies
Pregnancy Enhanced with Natural Remedies
Pregnancy affects hair, skin and nails. Natural remedies can help
pregnancy can wreak havoc with hair, skin and nails! Here are some natural tips.
Homeopathy for breastfeeding
Homeopathic remedies to help with breastfeeding plus diet tips for reducing colic
Endometriosis Natural Remedies
Endometriosis support and treatment using natural remedies
Natural help with morning sickness
Kick those Morning Sickness Blues
miscarriage help from natural medicine
Miscarriage Info and Natural health Tips
Mastitis Pain Reduced with Natural Remedies
Mastitis Banished with Natural Remedies
Post Natal Depression Eased Away with Natural Remedies
Post Natal Depression and Baby Blues Can Be Eased Away with Natural Remedies
Mens health. Natural alternatives for common problems
Quick tips for mens health issues. Fuel the engine, tweak the carbs and fix the hydraulics, Naturally!
senior health, find new energy through natural medicines
Getting Older? senior health can have a new lease on life? Dramatic improvements from natural medicines
homeopathy for arthritis
homeopathy for arthritis and diet tips for managing arthritis
Contact Jude
contact me for additional help or questions
Homeopathy In The News
Reviewing some of the latest articles about homeopathy from around the world.
Flu Hits Suddenly. Natural Remedy Tips.
Flu come on suddenly with chills or fever. Whatever your age be prepared with homoeopathics and other natural remedies, build up your immunity, organize support and allow yourself to convalesce.

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Do you need a quick first aid session for Acute remedy suggestions for your symptoms OR a longer review of your whole health picture? 

Basic Health Info

  1. Homeopathy For Haemmorhoids

    Homeopathy can be so helpful in diminishing piles and varicose veins. Keep your vascular system in tip top condition with these simple homeopathic remedies.

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These days we consider Albert Einstein to have been a genius - well, in the homoeopathic world we think of Hahnemann in that way. Immensely gifted, extremely intelligent and hard working - he lived into his 90's and worked tirelessly on his new health system.