FEET PROBLEMS with Diabetes Type 2

There are some strange things happening to my feet! For a start a few years ago I noticed that it was harder and harder to reach them. Turned out I had some stiffness in my hips. A video of me putting my socks on would have done well on You Tube.

Also, my nails are growing faster than ever before.The nail itself is tougher to cut. They feel hot even when I am not hot anywhere else.

Diabetes Type 2 can cause all kinds of changes in our feet and means that we need to take even more care of them on a regular basis.

Here are some quick tips and strategies that I have found increasingly helpful.

1. Soaking my feet. I bought a small rectangular washing up bowl and put towel, essential oils, listerine and cider vinegar close by the sink. A chair and book at the side and I am ready for my ten minute soak once a week.

2. A long handled soft bristle brush is really helpful. I use it for dry scrubbling around the feet and toes before putting them in the warm water. Then put some gentle antiseptic soap on and give them a scrub while in the water. If we cannot reach them well, it means that we might be missing those fungal bacteria that live on our feet, between our toes and can cause the skin to split.

3. Since injuring my knee I have found a sock device is so so helpful. A simple piece of shaped plastic with a long tie and can be found at any good pharmacy.

Having a look around the internet for useful sites I found these four sites amongst many about feet, which I have enjoyed reading through.

Here are a few snippets for you.

"Diabetics frequently experience numbness, tingling and even burning sensation in their feet and lower limbs. It is the loss of feeling and sensitivity to temperature which have the greatest implications"

via Diabetes Awareness Month: Optimal Care for Diabetic Feet

Commentary: One thing I can add to this is that sometimes the feet feel as though the skin is thick and calloused, but when you look - there is nothing there. This is something you would need to mention to your GP.

"Due to this loss in sensitivity and feeling, the health of the feet becomes even more important (because they’re more vulnerable). A particular cause for concern surrounds the skin and how much weaker the skin becomes when it doesn’t have the proper circulatory support."

via Diabetes Awareness Month: Optimal Care for Diabetic Feet

Commentary: use Arnica ointment on unbroken skin around bruised areas. Take Hammamelis or one of the other varicose vein remedies regularly in a 6 potency.

"Chronic Venous insufficiency (CVI) is the most common vascular condition, manifesting with the presence of spider veins, distended capillaries, varicose veins, foot and ankle edema, lack of hair growth on legs and toes, and thin, often discolored, shiny skin."

via Pedicuring the Senior and Geriatric Client

Commentary: a good quality calendula cream should be rubbed gently into the thin skin around feet and ankles. Calendular encourages skin health.

"With advancing age, people have greater difficulty reaching their feet, are less active and less agile which makes it difficult for them to care for their own feet or put on proper shoes."

via Pedicuring the Senior and Geriatric Client

"Naturally Remove Calluses with Apple Cider Vinegar Corns and calluses seem when your skin fights against fungus and other dangerous problems. When calluses appear that area is thick and hard. Calluses can appear in your feet toenail and ... "

via Naturally Remove Calluses with Apple Cider Vinegar

Jan 24, 2018

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Vitamin B Complex

A Guide to the B Complex Vitamins

There is a lot of discussion about the B complex vitamin and how it is essential for the body to perform a multitude of functions. However, the B complex vitamin is not simply one very complicated vitamin, as the name might suggest. There are actually eight B vitamins that are in the B complex vitamin as well as a few other related substances. The eight vitamins that make up the B complex vitamin are thiamine or vitamin B1, riboflavin or vitamin B2, niacin or vitamin B3, pyridoxine or vitamin B6, cobalamine or vitamin B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid and biotin. The other related substances that are also in the B complex vitamin include choline, inositol and para-aminobenzoic acid.Every part of the B complex vitamin performs its own individual function within the body but it is when they work together as the B complex vitamin that they provide essential maintenance for the body to remain healthy. The B vitamin complex comprises B vitamins which are water soluble and it is essential that enough of these vitamins are consumed on a daily basis. The body cannot store water soluble vitamins such as the B complex vitamin and this leads to a regular intake being required.The B complex vitamins are extremely beneficial for a number of conditions and may be needed in additional quantities at certain times in a person’s life. Of course, there is a recommended daily allowance for the B complex vitamins that varies according to the sex and age of a person. However, doctors and other health professionals have discovered the benefits of increasing the intake of the B complex vitamin to help overcome certain illnesses. Many people suffer from anxiety and stress at one time or another and research has found that the B complex vitamin can be beneficial in helping alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress. If a person has been unwell the B complex vitamin can be extremely valuable in aiding the recovery process. Fatigue can be a symptom of a multitude of illnesses as well as simply overdoing things but the B complex vitamin can help alleviate general tiredness and lethargy.Interestingly, some skin conditions, such as dermatitis, can also benefit from addition B complex vitamin intake. In fact, a number of creams and other skin preparations contain added vitamin B complex that can be absorbed by the skin to alleviate the condition. The condition of a person’s hair will also be greatly improved with sufficient B complex vitamin intake.

Mar 02, 2017

Basic Info on Vitamins

A quick guide to vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements could be useful for you all so I am going to put up some basic info about vitamins to start with. This could be considered to be general knowledge but sometimes its helpful to have another source. Its my aim to build up this site so that my visitors will be able to easily find all kinds of quick health info when they are out and about, perhaps in the health food shop or at the Homoeopathic pharmacy.

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Basic Health Info

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