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I have focused on this page on the anaemia that can come about during pregnancy but you could also have this condition if you have heavy periods. If that's the case - do read on to the section on remedies as there are a couple of wonderful suggestions there which I know will help your energy return.


Anaemia is not in itself a diagnosis, rather it is the collective symptoms of an underlying cause, which must be found.

In pregnancy, it is most common in the second trimester, as the body's volume of blood, circulating in the system, has increased by 25% - mainly due to the increase in blood plasma rather than red (or white) cells. However, because the haemoglobin (iron) content is static, the result is an overall drop of iron by about 20% per litre of blood.

When this happens in pregnancy it is called physiological anaemia. Though it is unlikely to harm the developing baby - as it ensures it gets all necessary nutrients at the mothers expense - she must however guard against loosing precious iron resources. Adequate iron levels are also important for labor, as it decreases the risk of post-partum haemorrhaging or infection.

Symptoms of anaemia are :



rapid heartbeat


paleness of the skin

paleness of the gums and inside the lower eye lid

Sometimes unusual food cravings known as pica are present, such as for eating dirt, coal, ice or hair. In some rarer disorders there may be ankle swelling or puffyness, jaundice, bone deformities or leg ulcers.


Lean red meat is the most easily assimilated of the iron carrying foods.

Eat plenty of green leafy veg except for spinach or watercress as these are too acidic and therefore hard to assimilate.

Eat cabbage, prunes, raisins, figs, apricots, eggs, seaweed and wholegrain pasta and bread.

All contain good amounts of iron.

Nettle tea is high in iron and may be safely drunk during pregnancy.


In pregnancy, do not automatically take an iron supplement unless "iron deficient anaemia" has been diagnosed and a supplement prescribed by your physician. The reason is that excess iron enlarges the red blood cells creating a condition called macrocytosis - they may be too big to pass through the babies and mothers circulatory systems; thus depriving the baby of much needed nutrients and causing retarded growth.

* If however you are already taking an iron supplement then you should be taking it with vitamin C - ask your pharmacist for advice as to dosage, but you can judge it by bowel tolerance. Vit C helps the body to absorb the mineral. When on iron supplements, constipation is often a problem so increase your fiber rich foods and drink extra fluids.

* Antacids can also affect iron assimilation.

* Vitamin A intake is recommended. Consult your physician though before starting on supplementation during pregnancy.

* A raw liver extract supplement of 500mg twice daily contains all the necessary elements for red blood cell production.

* Vitamin B12 weekly supplements or injections can be prescribed for anaemia.

* B group vitamins work better when taken together so ensure you take a B complex daily.

* Reduce the consumption of tea and coffee during pregnancy as the tannic acid and the polyphenols in coffee block iron absorption.

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Ferrum MetallicumAre you feeling pale,cold and wan.. but seem to be flushing easily? Tired out after just a little exercise? Irritable and can't bear loud noises? Have you lost your appetite and then suddenly get extremely hungry? But then, after you have eaten just a bit - you feel full?Cold, clammy and breathless? You may even have an occasional hammering headache? you need Ferr Met!

Ferr Met is a remedy that helps the body to absorb iron from foods so its ideal to take alonside a supplement, or if the symptoms are not excessive, and you are not pregnant - it can be taken alone.

Calcarea Phosphoricum: This is a tissue salt I have mentioned on the TISSUE SALTS page. We use it most often after an acute illness, during convalescence and after childbirth. But it can be indicated during pregnancy if you feel exhausted, hate getting cold or damp, even going outside in wet weather. You catch cold easily and look pale. Emotionally you feel anxious and discontented, grumbling and complaining, sluggish and restless, Just can't think! and worse if you try.

Cinchona:Sometimes known as China, this is one of my absolutely reliables. The picture is strong so you can't miss it. It has all the weakness and tiredness we expect to see in anaemia, and its main causation is loss of body fluid, such as (heavy periods) blood. Mentally apathetic and a bit dispondant, feeling cold and clammy, breathless and a headache but its the stomach symptoms that really define the need for this remedy. You feel very thirsty.. just can't seem to drink enough, and you have loads of windy, very farty.. your belly feels bloated and you have some pains in joints and slight swelling around ankles. Just weary, weary, weary..

Helonias: Feeling weak,backache,dragging and tired. Does your lower abdomen feel uncomfortable? You need to be busy all the time, just to keep yourself from feeling so out of sorts? If you have a history of heavy periods and feel driven to keep 'on the go'.. this may be exactly what you need to get your body rebalanced.

As I always say.. if you need help.. don't hesitate to contact me for more individual care.

JUDE'S RELIABLES: China is a remedy you can trust. Read it through and add it to your kit.

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