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Hi, my name is Jude Cresswell and welcome to this site. On it you will find all kinds of information related to common health conditions which can be 'helped' by taking easily accessible, well known remedies and tips. As I write this its mid-December 2014 and I am currently in the process of updating some of the pages and adding some new pages on mental and emotional health techniques I personally have found to be effective. Everything you will find on this site is from my personal experience.

I am so excited about these new pages so hope my regular visitors will return in a couple of weeks to find out more.

For over twenty five years I have been passionate about using natural health remedies and techniques in a common sense, down-to-earth way that everyone can relate to.

Here you will find an abundance of FREE information about symptoms and remedies at your finger tips.

So, what do you need some help with? Look down the list of topics 0n the menu bar to see if what you are troubled with is there. I am constantly adding to the topics so if you don't find what you need, please contact me for immediate info.

As you browse through each page you'll see that I have added product links from some great suppliers, Homeopathic and Naturopathic pharmacies and great stores like Native Remedies and The Allergy Store.

My focus has been on using "homeopathic medicines" and "counseling", "diet", "stress" management techniques, "tissue salts", "herbal teas", "Bach flower remedies", "Australian flower essences", "pulse points", "feng shui" health tips, Do-In, and much more.

So there is BOUND TO BE SOMETHING I can offer you personally or for a member of your family.

Do you have an annoying symptom that keeps recurring - such as regular colds or "flu" - or very heavy periods? What about the family? If you have babies or young children you know that you can be back and forth to the doctor these days for expensive antibiotics for recurrent 'coughs' and 'ear infections'.

Feeling suicidal? Can't forget a trauma.. perhaps you are suffering from "Post Traumatic Stress" or "PTSD"? Can't forget a lost love.. perhaps you are stuck in one phase of the grief cycle? It happens often. Check out the love-issues clinic page! Sadness? Jealousy?

Men's health is often forgotten in the glossy pages of magazines but you will find plenty of useful information here.

Seniors do have their own, often difficult, kinds of problems and I have plenty of experience in that area, with elderly relatives and caring for stroke victims.

And at the CORE of many of the pages you'll find my list of 'Jude's reliables'. These are THE HIDDEN TREASURES I am offering you FOR FREE! Gleaned from many thousands of in-depth-consultations, I have reviewed all the natural medicines and techniques I have used that worked over and over.. in the majority of cases. This should save you a whole lot of time.

And most of this natural health information is FREE. That's a plus isn't it!! In these days of sky-rocketing health care costs!

Of course - if you have a chronic illness and want to ask me a specific question or have a full consultation you can go to the 'contact me' button and send me through an email. There has to be a small fee for that, naturally. I shall get back to you within 24 hours with a plan for you to follow.

Look for my weekly tips and sign up for the monthly newsletter.

So let's get to know each other!


Jude Cresswell

Alternative Health Treatment
options for approaching alternative health treatment
General Health Building Blocks
General health gems.Taking care of the fundamentals of life pays dividends. Free and Easy 2 minute exercises. Tips for a healthier you in a day!
Natural Remedies Tool Kit
Here's Jude's list of absolutely reliable natural remedies for your basic health care tool kit
Womens health natural medicine
"Womens Health Problems?" Not any More! Effective alternative medicines, easy to find, easy to use.
Mens health. Natural alternatives for common problems
Quick tips for mens health issues. Fuel the engine, tweak the carbs and fix the hydraulics, Naturally!
Childrens Health Natural Medicines
Childrens health must comes first. Natural medicines strengthen their immunity.
senior health, find new energy through natural medicines
Getting Older? senior health can have a new lease on life? Dramatic improvements from natural medicines
Minerals, Cell Tissue Salts for Optimum Health
Minerals and Tissue Salts boost your cell wellness
homeopathic remedies for everyday first aid
Homeopathic Remedies for Everyday First Aid Situations
Insomnia Solved with Natural Remedies and
Natural Insomnia Remedies and Brain Training
Memory Problems? Stimulate those little grey cells with natural remedies.
Memory problems? Difficulty concentrating?Natural remedies and practical suggestions.
Recover from anaemia with Natural Remedies
Anaemia drags you down. Recover your former energy with natural remedies
Arthritis symptoms reduced with diet changes
Diet can reduce the symptoms of arthritis
Breastfeeding Diet for Super Happy Babies
Say Goodbye to Colic and Wind. Right foods for the Breastfeeding Mum
Colic in Babies and Essential Breatsfeeding Diet Information
Eliminiate Colic in Babies Quickly with Natural Remedies and Easy Diet changes
Congestive Catarrh Combatted Naturally
Get rid of that Congestive Catarrh with Natural Remedies
Common Cold Cures with Natural Medicines
The Common Cold virus does respond to Natural medicines, and your immunity will love you for making this choice!
The Burning Curse of Cystitis and UTI's
Cystitis and UTI treatment with Natural Remedies
Endometriosis Natural Remedies
Endometriosis support and treatment using natural remedies
Heartburn in Pregnancy Soothed with Natural remedies
Heartburn in Pregnancy? Calm those fires the natural way.
menstrual cramps relieved naturally
Pain menstrual cramps Pain Go Away! Decramp those Cramps the natural way
miscarriage help from natural medicine
Miscarriage Info and Natural health Tips
Natural help with morning sickness
Kick those Morning Sickness Blues
Piles, Haemorrhoids and Varicose Veins treated the natural way
Banish those burgeoning piles with natural remedies
Pregnancy affects hair, skin and nails. Natural remedies can help
pregnancy can wreak havoc with hair, skin and nails! Here are some natural tips.
Healthy Cells Make A Healthy Us
Cells are Our Internal Factories. How can we keep them healthy?
Fever, The Basics and Natural Remedy Suggestions
Fever ? Stay Calm and Use Natural Remedies.
Pregnancy , Optimize your Health with Natural Remedies
Pregnancy Enhanced with Natural Remedies
Mastitis Pain Reduced with Natural Remedies
Mastitis Banished with Natural Remedies
Indigestion, heartburn and gastric disorders diminished with natural remedies
Indigestion and gastric problems? Natural Solutions Work Well
Post Natal Depression Eased Away with Natural Remedies
Post Natal Depression and Baby Blues Can Be Eased Away with Natural Remedies
Fear, Nightmares, Panic Attacks can all be diluted away with natural remedies
fear banished and happiness reinstated with natural remedies
Sore Throat or Tonsilitis banished with natural remedies
Sore Throat or Tonsilitis. Pain and inflammation banished with natural remedies.
Temperament and Winter Ailments
temperament and winter ailments
Homeopathy 2
Homeopathy - History and Philosophy
Contact Jude
contact me for additional help or questions

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